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Civil and Elder Law Lawyer in Montreal-Allan J Gold

Allan J. Gold, B.A., B.C.L.

Located in Montreal, we are the law firm for your family. I practice in the civil law area – one of my specialties is elder law. As a lawyer, I have acted for the senior or a family member. My practice includes the following:

  Family business & the founder-owner selling/retiring
  Pensions & annuities, Wills & Estates
  Mandate in case of incapacity
  Power of attorney
  Elder care (long term homes-residences/ personal care)
  Disputes/court actions of the nature of homologation of a mandate, declaration of incapacity, curatorship, claim of employed caregiver, etc.
  Retirement Consultant


I am passionate about the well-being of seniors and earnest in fighting in their defense or seeking redress and the enforcement of their rights. I’m the Published author of :

Elder Law in Canada-by Allan J Gold“ Elder Law in Canada**ELIC**”, ground breaking (2,500+ page) legal text, , acquired by legal libraries, Bar Associations, and Law Schools. (For testimonials, excerpts etc, please visit

Estate Document Professor-by Allan J Gold“Estate Document Professor** EDP** (Part of the* series), informing Canadians everywhere about greater estate preparedness, covering: Last will and testament (will); Power of attorney (POA); Advance medical directive (living will); Trust; Organ donation consent; Estate Inventory and Distribution Survey(For testimonials, excerpts etc, please visit



 NEW!-For an overview of Elder Law, see my article Consider the Elderly and Think About Elder Law published in The Senior Times.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please be advised of my next book – the working title is: “Gold’s Atlas Of BU$INESS”


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