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Small Business and Elder Law Covid-19 Resources

Vol. 12, #18.0 – March 24th, 2020– ALLAN GOLD’S BLOG


  Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic   


By Allan Gold, lawyer, lecturer and author.


Now that I’ve uploaded the last in the series on RRSP, I’m announcing the interruption in the usual blog programming. Starting now, I will be using this space to begin a new series covering Small Business and Elder Law Covid-19 Resources. It won’t be general information. You can get that elsewhere. Instead, building on my areas of practice, it will be a Special Help Guide addressing the real concerns and questions of two specific groups of people affected by the terribly difficult circumstances at present. This series will be two-fold as follows:

  • Small Business Law: It’s for the family business owners in dealing with (and trying to survive) this catastrophic commercial upheaval.
  • Elder Law: During this global health crisis, it’s for spouses, adult children and close family/friends, etc., who are looking out for the welfare of aged parents and/or elderly loved ones, be they to be in a senior/care facility or restrained from leaving their homes.

I hope to upload a new edition each week. In each of these future blogs, I plan to:

  • Provide readers a selection of relevant headlines together with, where need be, short commentaries by me;
  • Enumerate programs, governmental or otherwise, (targeting small independent business, caregivers, etc.), where possible delineating coverage, eligibility, means of applications, etc.
  • Include (as they become available) applicable tel. numbers-sites of governments, institutions, community, etc. that readers might use as resources to obtain further help and/or information,
  • Offer some suggestions as to how one can better navigate these very rough seas.
  • Etc.

There is a huge need out there. We’re all in this together. I want to do my part. This is a first step. At present, I’m working on a project to do even more. I hope to make an announcement about this very soon. Of course, I’m interested in hearing from you. Let’s go!*


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