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Looking for a Business Strategy that Makes Cents

Looking for a Business Strategy that Makes Cents

Vol. 10, #1.1 – March 28, 2018

Gold's Legal Minue

1st weekly blog post of series over 3 months on contracts for company executives & owners of family-small businesses

TODAY’S TOPIC: “£OOKING FOR A BU$IN€$$ $TRAT€G¥, …I may have one that makes ¢ents!*”

Want a great 15-point business strategy? Try this one.

1. BE rough & ready, prepared to work very hard early, each day; and don’t be a “Fancy Pants”, afraid of getting your hands dirty.
2. MIND your business, focusing on identified areas of concern, paying close attention to dollars and cents. In this way, you should be well on your way to growing the bottom line.
3. KEEP your head up and hold it high, just like your standards.
4. BE a self-starter, and regardless of age, taking charge.
5. STAND straight and BE straight.
6. SAY what you mean, and MEAN what you say.
7. BUILD your name, by knowing right from wrong, always following through.
8. GET in the habit of telling it like it is; and REQUIRE the same from those with whom, you deal.
9. KEEP your eyes open, checking out, what others are doing or not doing.
10. WATCH where you’re going, considering the overall environment, looking at what’s coming, especially when it’s not looking good and noting any winds of change.
11. TAKE the time to observe your surroundings, being attentive to detail, taking notice of anything curious. Never be satisfied with superficial. Just like cleaning, stopping at the surface never works well. Instead, EXAMINE everything carefully, and get to the bottom of things.
12. REMEMBER that most people try to see the things around them; but the great ones, look for what’s developing, especially if others are seemingly missing it.
13. AVOID going off half –cocked, trying this and that, running ‘pell-mell’, with neither rhyme nor reason. Furthermore, AVOID making, without much forethought, ad hoc decisions, ‘off the cuff’. This is what they call a “seat of the pants” management style; and if you do this, get ready to lose your pants! Instead,

  • BE a “Smarty Pants” and think and plan ahead, making each decision, reasoned and as part of an overall strategy.
  • GET in the habit of saying: “It’s time for a reality check”; and , REJECT anything that has many negatives, disadvantages and/or dangers which make it a disaster in the making,
  • OPT for a proposal that’s not even a hint of a pipe dream, but instead, something that’s really workable, having a reasonable chance of success.

14. HAVE more than one track when sticking your neck out, or when going even a little, out on a limb; and always HAVE a plan “B” especially when venturing out onto thin ice.
15. GET a move on, taking the needed steps on the pathway to building your company, and showing strong will, toughness and persistence!

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