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ALERT: Retired Or Retiring Soon? Don’t Make These Errors!!!**


Gold’s Legal Minute*GLM*

By Allan Gold, lawyer Montreal and elder law attorney

Vol. 15, #2 –February 29, 2024


Retired or Retiring Soon? I’m a lawyer Montreal, elder law attorney, passionate about the well-being of seniors. If a business owner or an executive, I’m speaking to you. If a working man or woman, I’m also speaking to you. If self-employed, this is for you as well. We all want to retire well. But many of us make several huge errors.

-We wait too long. we don’t realize the longer we put it off, the greater the risk, our good health may give way. Death might end retirement before it begins. Or disease or limited mobility might restrict an active retirement. So here too, there’s a “Best if Used By/Before” date.

– We see it just beyond the horizon, but give in to fear. The reason is simple. To the question “Who are you?”, we give our name and offer up our occupation. So we continue working because we can’t imagine who we might be when we stop.

– We view retirement through rose-colored glasses. It’s utopian The time will be our own. We picture it as being free and happy, playing a round of golf, finishing up at the nineteenth hole for beer and chitchat, power-napping and clubbing into the evenings – sporting a 24-7 smile from ear-to-ear. Discard the dream. Except for a few, most of us have trouble after the retirement party and the gold watch.


When getting older, time is not a healer. And time is not your friend. Know why? It’s NOT limitless!  If wanting better results and quality, retire sooner rather than later!

Inching towards age 65,  long-working people try to put on a brave face but they’re afraid of change. Take the step. Know that opening new doors make things possible – such which weren’t before.

Expecting happy time, new retirees are surprised to be sad. They find emptiness and loneliness. They struggle to adapt to their post -work world and fear they never will. A few cannot adjust and sink lower. They’re gloomy and pessimistic. They take a much darker path. They have a fate which is unfortunately predictable.  I’m speaking about real emotional vulnerability here.  My hope is that knowing the danger beforehand gives you enough road to stop and change course in time.

So these are some of the problems. Here’s part of the fix.


“Occupation and work aren’t our identity.When we stop defining ourselves by what we do, we can find out who we really are. ” Allan J. Gold 



Retirement is not an endless holiday, but a new way of life. It’s complicated and a successful one doesn’t just happen. It takes work. If just bumping along, the euphoria of the first months could give way to  distress. To prepare, here are several areas to address.

1. Sense of Community – “Socializing is fun and critical for your well-being.”

The danger is being cut-off, lonely and feeling that nobody cares. Time spent alone and brooding contributes to or is a symptom of mental illness. In contrast, remaining socially active and connected with others is crucial.

2. Purpose – “Having aims and  aspirations are important!”

Everyone needs a sense of purpose in life. If directed toward a specific end, we can achieve goals and feel satisfaction. It’s a reason to be alive. When aimless, nothing usually gets done and life is empty. Such an individual is prone to giving up and more likely dying before his/her time.

3. Structure – “There’s risk in irregular and unorganized.”

With more freedom, we can do as we please. But it’s not a good idea to have free time, morning, noon and night. Too much of anything is a bad thing. There should be some organization in life. One way is to take an agenda and make a plan every four months. Regular exercise and physical activity is important. Reserve mornings three or four times a week for a gym session or an outdoor run/walk. Schedule a round of golf or a bridge game. Register for courses and classes. Knowledge is a wonderful thing to have. So are new skill sets. Indeed, lifelong learning is an eye-opener. Be a joiner. As a member of a social club or lecture society, you’ll have regular evening events each month. And with hiking/cycling groups,  you’ll have activities weekends. Other pastimes and errands are done in the open slots. With such a planner, a person has a base to which he or she may build an active life. Of course, we all need to look forward to something. And having something scheduled forces a person out of the house.

4. Health Perception – “Is the glass half empty or half full?”

This is a person’s view of his or her physical and mental well-being. It also covers disease, pain, defect and soundness/ normality of physical and mental functions. As per the ‘half empty or half full’ idiom, it’s best to focus on the positives in your health and see such as a cause for optimism.

5. Financial Security – “Live successfully within your means.

This is about a person taking a hard look at personal finances. It’s necessary to understand the limits of one’s comfort zone.

6. Life Satisfaction – “Is it ever enough?”

This is about a person being undisturbed by a desire for something more or different. In contrast, he or she is meeting his or her needs, expectations or wishes. It implies a filling of requirements to the degree to which he or she will have a level of inner contentment together with freedom from doubt or anxiety. Some people are satisfied by great wealth, while others are sated with a more modest but secure income and lifestyle. Still others recognize that real wealth is not a matter of mere money and riches, but find life’s treasure in the service of others. Or it might relate more to things private, beyond one’s skin, inclusive of family life, house and domesticity.


“Retirement is not the end of the road. It is the beginning of the open highway.” —Unknown



Mindset Makeover -Living for Today

  • Take a time-out. Have a good think. Your life may depend on it!
  • Stop focusing on material possessions.
  • Spend less time thinking (or rather, worrying) about tomorrow.
  • Embrace a ‘Blank Canvas’ state of mind. With much undecided, you’re free to decide what should happen or be done.
  • Ask, “What will today bring?” See it as being full of opportunity! Everywhere you go, everything you do, every person you meet has the potential to bringing something new and exciting.
  • Do what you want. Try new things, These experiences will likely make great memories.

Getting  Connected

  • Spend more quality time with your mate and close family and friends.
  • Organize get-togethers.
  • Join up. It’s good to feel socially, emotionally, spiritually, or professionally linked with others.
  • Reach out.  Be a good spouse/friend. It’s important for one to have strong friendships and robust relationships.

Be Creative

  • Let your imagination roam freely.
  • Come up with original ideas, whether in the production of an artistic work, photography ,woodworking, gardening, etc. Indeed, it’s the ‘art of the everyday.’


“Retire from your job, but never retire your mind.” —Unknown


Retirement is a special stage in life! It has many attractions. Although death and eternity will ultimately follow, a very good life is possible “after work.”  Retiring well requires a different mindset, being a self-starter and one venturing forth. Don’t do it for me. Do it for you and your loved ones.

Allan J. Gold, lawyer Montreal, elder law attorney

P.S. “Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials—much to live on and much to live for.” —Unknown

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